Erasmus trip - Barcelona, Porto and Munich

Pavel O mně

Look back to our trip in September, across Europe, to see our friends from Erasmus in their home country. It is always nice, because after Erasmus, you never know, if you will see them again.

Porto by night

Day 0-2 - Barcelona

Our trip started 16.9. in Krakow Airport, where I met Gosha to our flight to Barcelona, where we waited for Lukáš till the morning. After a small walk around and a breakfast in the city, we went to our Airbnb apartment with bags, and then back to the city. As on almost all of our trips, we found Free guided tour, and discovered Barcelona. I didn't like the city so much, but the non-finished cathedral Sagrada Família was amazing as well as Park Güell, both from architect Gaudí.

Museum of Camp Nou was big surprise to me. I'm not a fan of football, but this museum is not just about football and is really amazing. As the last place we saw Montjuic where was Olympic park in 1992, with all those buildings around. Finally, the last day evening we spent on the beach with our friends David and Oriol.


Nou Camp - Barcelona

Barcelona Olympic Park 1992      Plaza de España 

Day 3-6 - Porto

On Monday morning we took a flight to Porto, to visit another friends Maria and Vasco. Maria's parents have been so nice, and we were able to stay in their place for all nights. And not just stay, they were preparing typical Portugal meals, cakes and once also sea foods like shrimps or raw salted codfish and of course Port wine!

Porto is for me really beautiful place, and with our domestic friends we saw every spot in the city as beach, parks, their university, old town etc. All Port wine is still produced directly in Porto and you can visit wine cellars in origin houses with wine tasting.

As our friends are still students, we experienced student party and finished our trip as students normally do. It was really hard to wake up next morning, so the last day we were just chilling and during evening we took my last flight to Munich, our last destination.

View to Porto city from Gaia

Bridge in Porto

Day 7-10 - Munich and way back

Main reason to come to Munich was Oktoberfest as Franzi and Nicole invited us, but we didn't come just for a beer. On Friday, we were mostly walking through the city, climbed to view tower next to town hall, saw English gardens and met Martin and Finnish part Netta, Ella, Ville and Tomáš. During the Friday evening we came finally to Oktoberfest for our first 11€ beer. Plan for the next day was quite simple, Oktoberfest again. We spent there more-less whole day and Jurgen joined us during evening.

Sunday was trip day to Neuschwanstein, really beautiful castle, and Andechs, place with typical Bavaria food and beer. During the evening we went to Oktoberfest for the last beer and to explore whole big areal. On the way home we found a phone on the ground and returned to owner's friend. Just for sure, owner will find out who found the phone, we took pictures together into her phone. I have never expected, how much fun you can have, because of finding a phone.

Welcome to Oktoberfest

Neuschwanstein      Oktoberfest

Bad experience with BlaBlaCar

The way back was quite pain in the ass for me. I found the drive with BlaBlaCar but nobody came, finally I had to buy bus ticket for 50€. Nothing nice, but thanks to all those moments we had, I don't care about it anymore. It cannot ruin my memories to our awesome trip.

Big thanks to all, who attended this nice journey and special one to our hosts. It is always nice, when you see your friends from Erasmus. :) And thank to you, if I used your picture.

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