How to claim an unofficial Facebook page

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In article, I'm describing the way, how I claimed admin role for 2 unofficial pages, which Facebook creates automatically. Now those pages are mine and I can do whatever I want with them.

How to claim an unofficial Facebook page

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If people are tagging some place on Facebook too often, Facebook creates page for that spot automatically. Sadly, this page has no owner or admin, so there is no way to contact somebody. 

We had this situation in our Ski resort Bílá. Official page did not exist, people were tagging there and Facebook creates 2 unofficial pages. Luckily, both of them I was able to get , and now I 'm admin.

Claim a page is unavailable in Europe

Claim a page is a way, how to get ownership of unofficial page. Bad for us, Europeans, this feature is not available in probably whole Europe. Not in Czech Republic and according to thread in Facebook help, people have same problem in Sweden, Greek or Bosnia. I also tried VPN to Finland and it is the same.

Not possible in you country

But you can use Tor Browser

Luckily, this problem is possible to solve with  Tor Browser. Thanks to it, I was browsing internet as someone in USA, where this feature is available. Just went to my Facebook page and there was a link Is this your business?

To prove, that Ski resort Bílá is my business, some identification is needed. Possibilities are uploading some documents or via email address. I choose easier option and I created email, which I added as secondary email to my Facebook account. Later in Is this your business? window I selected proving by email and that was all. After 24 hours, I received 2 emails, and both pages are mine :) Yeee 

Small image tutorial is below.

Stránka v ČR vs v USA přes Tor Browser

Potvrzení emailem

Žádost přijata

Reply from Facebook

I appreciate every comment or sharing of this article. if you have some special opportunities with Facebook, share them with us in comments.

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