Year 2016 review

Pavel O mně

Year 2016 was totally different than any other year before. So many places visited, so many kilometers travelled, so many people met and of course, so much money spent...

Year 2016 review

My big year actually started year before. Let's call year 2015 a warm up year, because I was for the first time in Greece and I was accepted as Erasmus student in Finland. That is where it all begins. After that, I wanted to travel everywhere.

11 countries, many for the first time

In year 2016 I was still in Finland for next 5 months. During that time I went to SwedenLatvia + Lithuania + Estonia, Norway and after returning back to my home country, I left again to Greece for 3 weeks summer job. In September during one week we met our friends from Erasmus in Portugal, Spain and Germany.

Travelling everywhere, but I don't know, what is close

I saw so many countries and cities, but I have never been in capital cities of our neighbours. Berlin, Warsaw, or Vienna. And in Bratislava I was for the first time this summer. In Poland I was for the real trip for the first time in November. Shame on me. In year 2017 I should do something with this.

Because I "like" flying...

I really don't like flying. And no, after so many flights, I still don't like it. But if you want to travel not just "behind a corner", you mostly must use airplanes. So only in year 2016 I took 11 flights from or to 12 airports with 7 airlines. Brr...

Bachelor diploma from Finland

Not only travelling

But this year wasn't only about travelling. In Finland I had internship for whole time, so 5 months. I was working in non-czech company, with all tasks in English. Or in Finnish in worse case. After all of this, I wrote my second bachelor thesis, this one in English and after successful final exam I got also Finnish bachelor degree. So many big challenges!

It is not the end yet

Everything is about people. I did so many greats trips, had so many new experiences and enjoyed so many days during this year because of friends and family. Without them, it would be boring :)

And even there are last few days till the end of year 2016, it is not over yet for me. With our Erasmus friends, we are going to do last big dot after this year. All together in Jeseníky mountains to celebrate New Year's Eve.

So now, I just wish you all the best to year 2017. I'm done here for this year

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