Lapland - place of snow and no sun

Pavel O mně

Last trip with Erasmus friends for this semester. 20 hours in bus, crossing Arctic Circle, Santa's village, swimming in the Arctic Ocean and many others great memories. These stay with us forever...

Outside bonfire with most of friends

CZ: Česká verze v druhém článku Lapland - místo se sněhem a bez slunce

If you are in Finland, you have to go to Lapland. So we did. On the trip with JAMKO, organized by travel agency Timetravels. We left Jyväskylä 45 minutes after midnight on Thursday 3.12, for almost 20 hours long journey to destination Saarieslkä.

Day 1 - Rovaniemi and Santa's Village

We came to Rovaniemi around 9AM to Arktikum, museum and science center about Lapland. Rovaniemi is also capital and biggest city in Lapland, but population is only 60 000 people for 8000 km2.

Later we visited Santa's village, as Rovaniemi is officially hometown of Santa. There we were able to cross Arctic circle and send postcards from Santa's official post office called Joulupukin Pääposti in Finnish.

After many hours in bus, we finally arrived to Saariselkä around 20:00. We were so tired, that we did almost nothing, just unpack bag packs and relaxing with rum and coke.

Santa's house and Arctic circle

Day 2 - Cross country skiing and ...

Next day early in the morning, we had next activity, cross country skiing with our bus leader Juuso. Cross country skiing is very popular in Finland, so track was overcrowded and we didn't help for smoother riding too much.

Afternoon almost all, except me and Lukáš, had reindeer farms. We just forget to buy it. So we decided to go sledding, because in Saariselkä is the longest sledding hill. Sadly it was in reconstruction, but we met another exchange student group from Helsinki, we joined them and it was fun although.

Cross country skiing

Day 3 - Trip to Arctic Ocean

Have you ever been swimming in Arctic Ocean? Me neither, until this crazy trip. But as Finland is long, journey took next 5 hours to Bugøynes, city in Norway. We left Saariselkä at 9:00 and where there in 13:00, but Norway time, which is -1h from Finland.

In Bugøynes it's real polar night, because 13:45 there was dark like in midnight. After fabulous fish soup we went to sauna and finally to Arctic Ocean! And now it's time for next 5 hours to way back. Hell yea! We love traveling... 

But still, it wasn't end of the day. We were hungry and had lots of sausages in fridge. Why not to make bonfire outside half hour before midnight? We took burning wood from fireplace, moved it outside and prepared dinner. Cover picture is made from that time.

Arctic ocean in Bugøynes - Norway

Day 4 - Husky, skiing, snowshoes and last party

There wasn't time for sleeping, we have to enjoy every moment there! So at 7:30 we already left to husky safari, and yes, we did sledging with them. Later we could ask questions about huskies and also play with puppies. In Saariselkä is one of the northest ski resort in whole Europe, which we have to test, just after husky safari. We bought 3h ticket, which was in this place day and night skiing also. Sun was down very soon.

It wasn't end of the day! After skiing we went almost directly to snowshoes, again with our bus leader Juuso. It was night and we were walking through forest. Sadly, there were clouds and no active northern lights, so we weren't able to see it.

Even there was party in club, we decided to stay in our cottage and make own party. Which was much better of course! Others stories from party are not publishable, sorry...

Saariselkä ski resort

Day 5 - Cleaning, spa and departure

When we woke up from party, did cleaning of cottage and packing and we left to city. After cross-country skiing in first day, we still had voucher to local spa. Like a kids, we enjoyed lots of fun there. Later for lunch and to bus on the way back.

We left Saariselkä at 17:00 and to Jyväskylä we came around 4:00. Driver was so kind, and did second stop in Roninmäki and also Keltinmäki, so we didn't have to go back home across whole city with all luggage.

Saariselkä spa

I have to thanks to all people there. It was very nice trip and specially thanks to my cottage mates Lukáš, Lukáš, Tomáš, Niklas and Stefan. Big thanks for Niklas for inventing great drinking game for second evening...

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